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Job Opportunity

Director – The Centre for Chinese Research and Training

After 13 years of faithful service the Director of our Chinese Programme is stepping down. We are therefore looking for a new person to give direction and leadership to our Centre for Chinese Research and Training. The Director is not only expected to provide leadership and support to students completing their studies in the Mandarin Diploma programme, but also to Chinese students within our Bachelors and Masters programme (including teaching and supervision).  The appointee will have a PhD or DMin in a relevant field.

At Carey we recognize the significance of the Chinese Churches in the life and mission of the church in New Zealand and beyond. We are also aware of the substantial role Chinese Christians are playing in multi-cultural churches and we desire to serve them the best that we can.

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If you believe you have the knowledge, skills and experience, and support the values and mission of Carey Baptist College we would encourage you to express your interest in the role. Please send a resumé with a covering letter addressing these criteria to before 30 June 2017.