Our Story

Who we are

Carey Baptist College (Carey), founded in 1926 has evolved from a small, denominational seminary into a broad-based tertiary theological education institution serving not only the Baptist denomination of churches, but also the wider church and wider New Zealand community. Students come from throughout New Zealand studying both on-site and by distance.

This deliberate strategic direction enables Carey to serve the broadest community possible. Carey’s teaching faculty, also drawn from a number of denominations, is comprised of highly qualified and respected academics whose research outputs placed Carey among the leading PTEs in the country in terms of PBRF rating in both 2006 and 2012.

Applied Theology

Carey is the only Tertiary Education Organisation in New Zealand delivering degree level study in applied theology. Its staff regularly engage at the forefront of ongoing international discussion and debate around the discipline of applied theology and its parameters including its role in social cohesion.

Carey’s core academic programmes are at Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree levels, with earlier exit points built in. The qualifications recognise the social, work (employment) and societal contexts from which students come as an integral part of the learning conversation that ensues during their studies. The intended outcome of a student’s study is transformation – for the student and their leadership praxis, as well as for the contexts in which they operate.

Pastoral Leadership Development

Applied theology is especially suited to training and developing leaders. From its inception Carey has been dedicated to providing the best possible training for Christian leaders generally, and for the Baptist Churches of New Zealand specifically. From its research and experience in leadership development, Carey shows that effective leadership involves the integration of knowledge, skills, character and passion, enabling effective self-actualisation and well-rounded (and grounded) leaders. Accordingly it intentionally utilises a holistic development model in its training programmes, which operates most effectively through the medium of the academic discipline of applied theology.

Chinese Programme

Carey is the only Tertiary Education Organisation (TEO) in New Zealand accredited to offer any programme entirely in Mandarin. Delivery of its Level 5 and 6 academic programmes in Mandarin supports the needs of the Chinese community for the development of leaders within its churches.

Our Values

Evangelical in our Identity
We are founded on the word of God. The living Word (Jesus) is our focus and the written word (Scripture) is our basis.

Integrated in our Practice
We are committed to being an honest, transparent and accountable community. Authentic Christian character is a priority and so is the development of fully integrated people. The gaps between our heads and our hearts and our hands will be small.

Innovative with our Development
We recognise that while convictions need not change, techniques must. We will be at the ‘cutting edge’, being creative and courageous in the way we learn together. We are continually prepared to take risks.

Excellent in our Performance
We aim to be the best we can be. All of us, in all that we do, are continually stretching beyond mediocrity.

Accessible to our Constituency
We celebrate diversity. We want to be inclusive. In particular, a person’s age, gender, ethnicity, physical ability or geographical location is not a barrier to belonging to this learning community. Nor is one’s denomination, because while we belong to the Baptist family of churches, we are also their contribution to the wider church.

Relational in our Approach
We value harmony within the community. We aim at relational leadership that empowers staff and students alike to be part of the direction of Carey. We reject unnecessary competition and we are committed to developing strategic networks with training agencies beyond Carey.