20160728_Carey_Profile_006Dr Myk Habets answers the question

How do people in full-time Christian ministry study given all the time commitments they already have?

Many people in full-time Christian ministry ask us how they can study given all the time commitments they already have. “I just can’t fit it in,” they say. And yet, students in our graduate program keep telling us how important their studies are to their ministry and how they couldn’t imagine not taking the time out to study. With 2016 offerings centred largely on missional-pastoral ministry, Carey Graduate School offers a range of study options to complement your busy schedule. Our courses are all taught as intensive blocks, with on-line delivery methods, and through self-directed study components. In 2016 we are offering an exciting range of courses suited to ministry in the 21st century world. Popular and profound communicator Dr Mick Duncan is offering a course on walking toward the ‘other’ after the model of John Wesley. Dr Joe McGarry, an emerging leader within the Wellington Anglican diocese, is teaching a course aimed at deepening your sense of spirituality and how to lead others into the depth of spiritual practices the church has developed, all in dialogue with the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Beloved Carey teacher Dr George Weiland will challenge your ideas about the nature, purpose, and practices of missional living through the letters of Timothy and Titus. And our own Principal and educationalist, Charles Hewlett, will  take students through the spirituality and skills required of a Christian research student working toward making a meaningful research contribution in our post-Christian milieu. Other Carey faculty are available for research supervision in all fields of Christian history and thought. It is not too late to apply for study in 2016. So, if God is asking you to take this next step in your ministerial vocation, Carey is ready to answer your questions and journey with you in what God has to say to the Church in NZ in 2016.

Dr Myk Habets
Head – Carey Graduate School

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