MA823 Special topic (Theology): God’s Redemptive Presence in the Arts

Christianity’s incarnational foundation posits a particular relationship to the objects of reality. This course takes as its basic premise the notion that there are ‘traces’ of the triune God in artistic works that in themselves are revelatory and which intimate the real character of reality.

Hence the course explores what it means to partake of sacramental reality in the forms of the arts. It will consider signs, symbols and paradigms of a ‘presence’ of grace. It seeks to discover the traces of God in culture through key terms that include participation, the other, constraint, freedom, play, ways of hearing and seeing, and presence.

Guest Lecturer:
Judith Brown | BA (Hons); BD; MTh; PhD (Otago)

Dr Brown has been a lecturer in theology and culture at Laidlaw College and St. John the Evangelist College, and is a part-time Minister in the Presbyterian Church. She has also created courses for distance learning programmes and has a number of articles published on topics that include theology and the arts.