The Pulse of Preaching

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One day seminar with Dr Brian Harris

Whether you are a veteran preacher with years of experience or a young preacher just starting out this seminar will:

  • sharpen your skills
  • deepen your convictions
  • pump life into your preaching!

Come and spend a day with one of Australasia’s leading preachers and teachers of preaching as we explore together three vital questions:

Why do we preach? (is it worth the effort?)

What makes a sermon good (or bad?)

Where is preaching headed? (Does it have a future?)

9.30am – 4pm

Carey Baptist College

$30 Adult

$15 Student/senior citizens/unwaged

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Test your Pulse of Preaching:

Five questions to check your preaching pulse. Circle the answer that best captures your response:

How important is preaching to you?

1. It’s one of the primary ways that God changes the world. 2. It’s a mildly important pastoral task. 3. It’s a weekly burden, like taking out the rubbish


When you preach do people ever fall asleep?

1. No, never. 2. Sometimes, if I’m honest. 3. Most weeks – and sometimes it’s me


How many books on preaching would you have read over the last three years?

1. More than two? 2. One. 3. None, if I can help it.


Do you currently meet with any other preachers to practice or discuss your preaching?

1. Yes, regularly. 2. Kind of, but seldom. 3. No, I’d rather watch paint dry.


Do you feel excited about your preaching this year?

1. You bet! I sense revival is just around the corner. 2. Honestly? I sometimes find myself wondering if it’s worth all the effort. 3. Never. I could never now use excitement and preaching in the same sentence – whoops.


If you scored:


1-5         Your heartbeat for preaching is strong. Are you mentoring any emerging preachers?

6-10      You could do with a shot of encouragement as a preacher. Why not spend a day with Brian Harris, one of Australasia’s leading preachers and teachers of preaching?

11-15    This event is for you. It will sharpen your skills, deepen your convictions, and pump life into your preaching!