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Carey is excited to launch the Ethnic Ministry Leadership training programme designed for leaders or emerging leaders from a non-English speaking background.

The programme has been developed in partnership with Baptist Ethnic Ministries and is in response to recognising the increase in the number of ethnic churches and leaders in these churches (predominantly in Auckland) that need training at an English level adjusted to suit them.

Pastor La Wawm Marip, Pastor of NZ Kachin (Burmese) Baptist Church in Auckland says “our experience is that a lot of leaders lack English and can’t study in a full-time course. We don’t have confidence. We need to upgrade our theology, ministry and management because many of us have only the experience from our home country and don’t know how to operate in New Zealand”

Graduates will develop as a thinker and confident leader for their people and church, gain skills in Bible teaching, preaching and pastoral care, grow in understanding the Kiwi culture, gain the training they felt was lacking of the programme all while studying towards a Carey Certificate in Ministry Leadership (non NZQA) which may become a stepping-stone to further study at Carey.

“Carey is excited for this opportunity of learning and growth in understanding the Bible and Church leadership. We really believe this is a great programme of study, spiritual growth and fellowship for church leaders of non-English speaking backgrounds who are committed to the call of God and to the life and mission of the church.” says Jonny Weir, Director, Ministry Training at Carey.

The programme starts in Semester 2 2017 on Thursday evenings with two courses: Introduction to the New Testament and Inspirational Preaching.

If you are someone who is interested in this training or you know of someone who would benefit please contact the Ministry Training Department at [email protected] or phone 09 525 4017

Download the information brochure here


“This programme will empower ethnic and migrant church leaders to serve with confidence, skills, and increased effectiveness in both their church and wider community.”

Steve Davies

Baptist Ethnic Ministries