George Wieland on Sabbatical

For much of the first half of 2017 George Wieland has been strangely absent from Carey. He has been on study leave, taking advantage of the opportunity to gain new experiences, insights and challenges and do some learning and writing that will feed into his contribution as our Director of Mission Research and Training.

There have been several trips – Sri Lanka, with Tear Fund NZ’s partners who are giving hope after the devastation of civil war; Turkey, Greece and Italy, visiting sites of significance for the mission narratives and letters of the New Testament and gaining deeper understanding of the contexts of mission in these regions both then and now; Thailand, participating in an integral Mission consultation with a focus on Asian contexts, and visiting Kiwi families on mission.

There have been significant conversations with pioneers of missional communities in the UK; and there have been periods of focused reading, thinking and writing, resulting in the first part of an urban mission commentary on some of the NT letters and a conference presentation on mission as God’s home-making project … with more to come.