Students Andrew, Hannah, and Francois are a part of a new track Carey Baptist College is initiating for students exploring community leadership and engagement. We are a covenanted micro-community who choose to do life together with an emphasis on discipleship and mission in the community of Mangere central.

We value the life-long journey of growing closer to and more like Jesus using spiritual habits and disciplines and increasing simplicity in lifestyle. Therefore, we have participate and invite others in our weekly rhythms of prayer, communion, devotions, and meals together.

We immerse ourselves in the life of our neighborhood, seeking to share our lives and resources in solidarity. We have specifically chosen to live in a particular street where we discerned Christ is calling us to be present. We have a weekly rhythm of having a dinner where anyone can come and share a meal, stories, hopes, and dreams.

Along with our local Church of Mangere Baptist, we are seeking to either join in or initiate specific responses to witness to God’s Kingdom in our specific community.