Sabbatical Journey with Dr John Tucker

Dr John Tucker returns from a six month sabbatical and shares his experiences; what a rich and rewarding time for his family.

We were based for three months in a tiny rural village in the south of France. With a population of one hundred people, twenty cattle, five sheep, and two donkeys, it was pretty quiet – an ideal place for writing.

During our time there I edited a book on preaching, wrote an essay Baptists and sport, compiled a short book on pastoral ministry, and began work on Baptist identity in New Zealand through the lens of sermons preached at the annual Baptist Hui. Being based in France, I was also able – besides cycling and mountain climbing – to trace the history of some of the crusades, tour some of the grand cathedrals (and football stadiums) of Spain, and explore sites in Switzerland where the Protestant Reformation flourished.

We also took the opportunity on our way back to Aotearoa to visit the work of Freeset in India and trace William Carey’s incredible pioneering ministry in West Bengal.

Can’t wait to bring some of these experiences and insights to the classroom this semester!