Equip yourself for a deeper and richer ministry in 2017

In John 10.10 we have the words of Jesus: “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Carey Graduate School’s 2017 curriculum is all about applied theology and theology applied is all about having the life Jesus promised, a life lived to the full. Don’t let the thief steal and destroy what God has planned for you in 2017, why not consider equipping yourself for a deeper and richer ministry by joining our learning community.

This year Csilla Saysell shows how to read Holy Scripture as one coherent narrative with an emphasis on a theological reading of the book of Isaiah. This will help your preaching, teaching, and discipleship planning.

Sarah Harris and Jonny Weir are taking a large group to Palestine to walk in the footsteps of Jesus; those who have been to Israel know how such a trip is life-changing.

Myk Habets navigates the difficult waters we face today in ministry when confronted with all sorts of ethical dilemmas; many of which previous generations never had to deal with.

Audiophile, philosopher, and art critic, Judith Brown works with students to highlight God’s redemptive presence in the arts; an area Christianity has often either overlooked or discredited, and yet the arts connect with people at a fundamental level.

Guest lecturer, Professor Tod Bolsinger will also be with us taking students through the issues of leading change in a rapidly changing world. Tod is from Fuller Theological Seminary and has written a number of influential books on leadership and comes with a wealth of practical experience.

Finally, we also offer our Research Methods course and our various thesis options for existing students. If you want to further your studies in 2017 at graduate level, or you want to remain a lifelong learner and you would like to audit one or more of these classes, there is still time to enrol.

Perhaps this year living life tot eh full means further equipping yourself and your team through further study in God’s word and his world, and if Carey can help in that, we would love to hear from you. Enrolments close 24th February.

Interested? Contact Dr Myk Habets, Head of Carey Graduate School

09 526 6599

[email protected]