It took artist and Carey student Becky Iona over 50 hours to create her stunning and thought provoking painting on the poor and oppressed in Luke. Becky was studying Gospels:Luke taught by Dr Sarah Harris.

Becky says “Sometimes, as an artist I feel somewhat mute in my ability to communicate my thoughts  in an academic setting, so when given the opportunity to be creative for an assignment I jumped at the chance!

This painting was created to communicate the theme of the poor and oppressed in Luke and portray Jesus’ example of radical grace and love to include all.  This modern application shows Jesus challenging the church today, with a yellow can of spray paint, to consider who we welcome into our church and how we respond to those who are on the fringe of society.  It is interesting to ponder who those people might be in our own contexts or if we ever feel like one of them?  Here I only had room to portray eight … who would you include?

Jesus has not shut the gate on them, instead he reflects the stained glass window of the good shepherd, the one who cares so deeply for his sheep that he searches for the lost one and celebrates when he finds them.  Humbly he sits amongst sinners and extends his table fellowship to all – a past, present and future look into the eschatological banquet of the Kingdom of God where  beggars like Lazarus will recline on the couch (Luke 16:23) and the banquet hall with be filled with “the poor, the crippled, the blind and the lame” (Luke 14:21).  Is this an image of our churches today?”

If you would like a more detailed description or would like permission to use this image please email or phone (027) 4824294