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The Carey Graduate School delivers Carey’s postgraduate qualifications, and has as its aim the creation of thinking practitioners, scholars and leaders who will stimulate and resource new knowledge, fresh and critical thinking, and the development of effective praxis in Christian ministry, mission and leadership in New Zealand and beyond.

There are growing numbers of Carey-based masters and doctoral students supervised by staff actively engaged in researching. This means a thriving research environment as Carey equips people for the task of ministry and mission in our world and furthers its commitment to academic excellence and discipleship.

Operating under the auspices of the Carey Graduate School is the RJ Thompson Centre for Theological Studies, named for Dr. RJ Thompson, a previous principal of the college and theological scholar. The Centre has several key functions:

  • Encouraging and facilitating research and publications in a Baptist context, specifically through the Archer Press and the Pacific Journal of Baptist Theology
  • Facilitating theological dialogue through seminars, mini-conferences, visiting lecturers, book launches, and other such means

The Centre is run by the Head of Carey Graduate School: Dr Myk Habets.

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