Distance Learning

Carey offers a range of flexible study options. Most courses are available by distance learning, so that you can, if you like, study for a Carey qualification in applied theology in your home environment.

Studying by distance enables you to be located anywhere in New Zealand (or the world!) and still study at Carey. This is especially helpful if you are unable to relocate to Auckland for study or, if you live in Auckland but can’t always make it to classes. Carey’s systems are also very flexible, so that you can complete some of your studies by distance learning and some as an on-site student if you choose.

Distance courses operate on the same timetable (and are offered in the same semesters as) on-site courses. See the current timetable for semester 1 and semester 2 for details of current courses available by distance study.

For more information about course options or planning study through Carey Distance contact the Academic Registrar or Dean of Studies