Field Education Courses

As part of Carey’s applied theology curriculum, all students wishing to graduate with one of the following undergraduate qualifications must complete a minimum 15 credits of reflective field education courses:

A range of Reflective Field Education courses is offered each year at different academic levels – some of these are general courses and others are specific to the needs of specialist training areas.

An overview of what is currently offered each semester is set out below.

For further information, contact our Coordinator of .

Semester 1

MF501 Reflective Field Education I (RR)
MF601 Reflective Field Education II (RR)
MF701 Reflective Field Education III (RR)
MF505 Christian Ministry Training I Internship (RR)
MF605 Christian Ministry Training II Internship (RR)
MF705 Christian Ministry Training III Internship (RR)
MF501 Field Education 1 實習一 (tbc)

Semester 2

Available in both Semester 1 or Semester 2
MF501 / 601 / 701 Reflective Field Education I/II/III (RR)
Full Year courses
MF505/605/705 Christian Ministry Training I/II/III Internship (RR)