Online Distance Education

All Carey courses (on-site and distance) operate through CareyOnline, which is a Moodle based online “classroom”. Each course has a page on CareyOnline where all of the class information and resources are posted, including full details of each assessment and week-by-week course materials. Interactive forums enable discussion to take place within each class, often including both on-site and distance students. Audio or video clips are posted here summarising some of the key aspects covered in on-site classes, so that distance students can keep up-to-date with on-site students. A number of courses are also offering occasional on-line tutorials for distance students.

The Carey Library is well equipped to cater for the needs of distance students. Carey librarians will help with finding the way around the catalogues and databases. Increasing numbers of books are now available electronically. Where hard copy is required, these can be posted out to distance students. (The Carey library covers the cost also of return postage of books for students located outside the Auckland area.)

For more information about the library support available for distance study, contact the Librarian