Support Staff

Academic and Enrolment Advice

If you have questions relating to:

  • enrolment processes
  • qualifications / academic programmes
  • course selection
  • academic regulations and procedures at Carey

You should contact either:

Neroli Hollis (Academic Registrar)

Alison Hobbs (Academic Director)

International Student Advisors

Once you are enrolled for study at Carey, these advisors may be able to assist you with advice on the following:

  • Assistance to students facing difficulties adapting to New Zealand
  • Study skills
  • General information and advice on accommodation, welfare and health issues, driving in New Zealand and the use of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Advocacy, to ensure that students understand their rights.
  • Information on addressing harassment and discrimination issues that may arise.

You should contact either:

George Wieland (Director of Mission Research & Training)

Frances Leung (Chinese Language Programme)