Our Graduates

As a College we are proud of the people that make up our Alumni – graduates who are God-dependent, with the ability to understand the Word and apply it to the world that they live within – self-aware people who are outward looking, globally aware, and prepared to take risks. Some are faithfully serving God within the local church – preaching week-in-week-out, discipling youth, or nurturing children and families. Many are serving God strategically within the market-place. There are those working hard within their local communities, making a difference to people for whom life is not easy. Some have ended up serving communities overseas, many of them amongst the most poor. Mothers, politicians, school teachers, company directors, nurses…they are all there on the list. Take time to read the stories of some of our ‘heroes”.


Mark Powell

Mark’s international business experience took him from Wales to New Zealand in 2002. Shortly afterwards he became a follower of Christ. Within three years he was studying at Carey while actively team – pastoring in the Whangapaoroa Baptist Church and chairing the local college’s board of trustees. In 2011 Mark was appointed as CEO of The Warehouse group of companies (‘where everyone gets a bargain’). He has recently resigned as the CEO to pursue other interests. Mark says of his Carey experience: “Carey was essential in my development of a truly Christian worldview. This totally shapes my approach to business leadership and life 24/7”



Robyn Mellar-Smith

Robyn Mellar-Smith

First nurse then homemaker, then Carey student, 2005-2008. A busy mother’s life did not stop Robyn graduating from Carey with an outstanding transcript- including New Testament Greek. Robyn is an exemplar of increasing numbers of women in Ministry and until December 2014 was the Pastor at Epuni Baptist Church in Wellington. Robyn reflects on her training: “Studying at Carey has deepened my relationship with God, strengthened his call on my life and prepared me for ministry. I loved it”. Robyn is now studying for her Masters at Carey.


Biesley: Paul and Sarah

Paul and Sarah Beisly

Paul came to Carey as a physical education teacher and spiky haired punk band singer; Sarah was a youth pastor with a degree in business. After studying 2004 – 2007 they continued pastoring youth at Northwest Baptist Church in preparation for mission in the majority world. They are now serving in South Asia developing and operating business prospects that are creating jobs and freedom for women currently involved in the sex trade. “We wish we could put Carey into our suitcase and bring the whole campus with us overseas, but we will have to settle for recommending it to everyone we know”

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