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Living, Learning, going where you haven’t been before

Intermission is a one year full-time programme providing rigorous personal, academic and social exploration.

It is designed with recent school leavers in mind who are keen on being stretched and challenged in their faith, worldview and life direction. It provides a well-rounded supportive environment for students to learn a number of transferrable skills that will set them up well for future engagement in academic, workplace and community-based institutions.

The programme focuses on three different components—discipleship, vocation and study. Students learn to pray more deeply for the world around them, gain insight into ministry opportunities through community placements and are challenged by both local and national field trips.
Intermission provides an excellent foundation for future academic study. Successful completion
of the academic components
in Intermission will lead to a Carey Certificate which is NZQA Accredited and recognised by other tertiary institutions.

Students also get an introduction to tertiary level tools of learning and develop skills in research, critical thinking, writing and presentations as well as engagement with academic scholars.
The programme also includes and teaches students:

• Supportive pathways to independence including one-on-one mentoring

• In-depth personal reflection including preferred models of learning, strengths finder, problem solving and personality tools

• Conflict resolution

• Time management and organisational skills

• Understanding of society and some of the factors which influence its operation

• Raised awareness and understanding of key social issues facing New Zealand today

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Interested to find out more? Contact Bridget Barnard the Intermission Co-ordinator at [email protected] or 09 526 6598 (Mondays to Wednesdays) or enquire now