I’m worried I’m not that brainy, how hard is the study?

Great question! Intermission is a full time course, based around Carey’s Certificate of Applied Theology… some of it can be pretty hard work, but most of it is really interesting and doable when you put effort in. Part of the admission process is to make sure that we are not setting you up to fail, so we will ask the right questions and give the right support when needed.Everyone here at Carey is on your team!

I’m a bit shy. What If I can’t cope with the group?

A fundamental part of the year is about the group learning to engage well with each other. This means we give each person the space that they need and commit to doing relationship really well. If at any point of the year you are not coping Jo is there to journey through this with you. And remember… the hope is that Intermission very quickly becomes a family not a group.

How many Other Intermissioners will there be?

It does vary year to year! But somewhere between 10-15 Intermissioners in total.

What if I’m already committed ot other activities during the year youth group etc.?

We totally understand that you might have commitments and we want to support those as much as possible. We see the community you are currently serving in as really valuable experience to the year. However we also ask that Intermission be your first priority for the year. This means that if there is an Intermission activity on the same night/day as another commitment, we will ask for the sake of the group and your own learning that you attend Intermission over other things. Click to check out the Intermission Commitment Statement

I don’t live in Auckland. What are the options there?

We have lots of Intermissioners that come from outside of Auckland, usually about 50% of the group is made up of these students. The main options are: Flatting, Boarding and Hostels. CANZ is a great website to find flats, otherwise the main hostel options (in terms of places that are easy to get to and from Carey) are The Baptist Tabernacle and Eden Christian Hostel.

Can I still get a student loan or allowance? I think I will need them!

Yes definitely, because this is a full time course it’s exactly the same as going to a university. You will need to go through the application process with StudyLink and if you need any help on that contact 

Intermission costs approx. $5300, on top of that there is the compulsory Urban Missions Trip to Wellington which will likely cost around $200 plus travel. Also the optional overseas missions trip costs around $2500, this is optional because we understand not everyone can commit to this kind of cost or experience.

Mission Trips – that sounds fun? Scary? Weird?

Yup! Our trip to Wellington in the middle of the year is hosted by Urban Vision, an amazing group looking at how to address the social needs of the communities they live in. Each student will meet with a whole range of missionaries in that context, sleep on the street, visit prisons, spend time with the homeless etc. It’s a fantastic learning opportunity not only for yourself, but also for the group to experience together. The optional trip overseas is to the Philippines, hosted by Servants. This is a full-immersion experience where you will live with a family in the slums for 2 weeks. We will talk lots more about this in the early part of the year.

What do I need in order to get accepted?

We do this on a case-by-case basis. The standard requirement is NCEA Level 2, with a good amount of credits in English. However we have had students that haven’t met this criteria but showed real motivation and skills in their interview and application process. Don’t let this deter you from applying; we will work out together if Intermission is the right place for you no matter your experience thus far.