Your year includes


Each student is placed within a ‘partnership’ where you will be mentored, discipled, and given an opportunity to discuss all that you are being exposed to over the year. Your partnership is where you will go to evaluate what you are learning.


As part of your academic study and discipleship process, you will be required to spend a day each week working with an organisation. This will provide an opportunity to apply your study, engage with a community, serve an organisation, and think about your vocation. Places of practice may include: Urban Vision, OMF, Prison Fellowship, Papatoetoe Adolescent Christian Trust, Elevate and others, or a personal option approved by the Intermission Co-ordinator. An international or local (New Zealand) mission exposure trip will also occur mid-year.


Retreats and social nights will happen regularly through the year. There will be a 3 day ‘Pull-Back’ at the beginning of the year; one more within the year; and a final ‘Pull-Back’ at the end. lntermissioners will also have a meal together once every 3 weeks. Your fellow IMers make up a big part of your year!

Commitment Statement

From academic to hands on experience, from character development to discipleship training, from weekly group times to overnight retreats, by applying for Intermission you commit yourself to all aspects of the year because that is how you get the most out of it.