New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies

National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level: 5
NQF Credits: 120
Duration: equivalent to 1 years full-time
Regular Intakes: February and July
Modes Available: part-time, full-time, onsite, distance, block courses

This programme is also available in Mandarin.

Carey’s New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies provides students a broad understanding of the principles of theology, biblical foundations, evaluative thinking and applied leadership skills in ministry and mission.

A student enrolled in the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies will follow a course of study equivalent to one year full-time and gain 120 credits comprising:


Students complete all of these course:

  • MB521 Thinking Theologically
  • MF501 Reflective Field Education
  • MS510 Te Ao Maori
  • MM581 Mission of God

And, at least three of the following courses (or two if both Introduction to the Old Testament and Introduction to the New Testament are elected)

  •  MM561 Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • MM564 Worship: Then and Now
  • MM572 Foundations of Youth Ministry
  • MB526 Insights into Church History


The programme produces graduates who:

  • Evaluate and apply a broad understanding of theology and biblical foundations to defined contexts based on textual interpretation and religious practice.
  • Evaluate a ministry programme based on strategies that integrate personal and community faith journeys, and the social, cultural and other contextual considerations of defined groups.
  • Integrate core tools of theology, biblical texts and ministry practice, and apply these to the broader community to provide leadership and direction that is culturally and ethically appropriate.

Admission to the New Zealand Diploma in Christian Studies is open to full-time students and part-time students. See the Admission Regulations for full details.

Students who have completed courses at other institutions may be eligible for cross-credits or recognition of current competency.