Undergraduate Timetable 2017

On-site Semester Two: 17 July to 30 October

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MB6/740 Acts: A Missional Reading (GW)

MM663 Introduction to Preaching (JT)
PL + YPL Groups. Mission Track, Intermission and Formation Groups
MM661 Pastoral Counselling (PH)

MB6/733 Worship and Wisdom (CS)
MB6/744 1 Corinthians (SH) * includes Block Course

MB521 Thinking Theologically (MH)
MB531 Introduction to the Old Testament (CS)

MB6/722 Spirit and Trinity (MH)
MM581 Mission of God (GW)
MB6/769 Gospel and Youth (SK/BT)MB6/743 Apologetics (MP)MB6/728 A history of the gospel in Aotearoa (JT)

Block Courses

Each semester a number of our undergraduate courses are offered using intensive blocks of teaching. These teaching blocks are normally held at the Auckland campus and operate over four, five or six days in either one or two blocks.

For students, the study time for these courses is still spread over a full semester. In addition to attending the intensive teaching blocks, students will complete readings and assessment tasks during the time before and after the teaching block.

Block courses are a great way for students to interact intensively over a short period with the lecturer – either a Carey staff member or a visiting specialist “expert” lecturer.

MS6/705 Christian Spirituality
(AJ) 10 - 11 August
MM6/777 Family and New Zealand Society
(CJ) 4 - 8 September
MM564 Worship Then and Now
(MG) 28 August - 1 September
MS6/705 Christian Spirituality
(AJ) 11 - 13 September

Distance Courses

MB6/716 Brethren Churches (Pathways)MB521 Thinking TheologicallyMB6/743 Apologetics (MP)
MB6/740 Acts: A Missional Reading (GW)MB6/769 Gospel and Youth (SK/BT)MM581 Mission of God (GW)
MM663 Introduction to Preaching (JT)MB531 Introduction to the Old Testament (CS)MB6/728 A history of the gospel in Aotearoa (JT)
MB6/744 1 Corinthians (SH)MB6/722 Spirit and Trinity (MH)MM661 Pastoral Counselling (PH)
MB6/733 Worship and Wisdom (CS)

Non-Classroom Field Education Courses

Available in both Semester 1 or Semester 2
MF501 / 601 / 701 Reflective Field Education I/II/III (RR)
Full Year courses
MF505/605/705 Christian Ministry Training I/II/III Internship (RR)

Key to Lecturers / Tutors:

AJ = Alan JamiesonCS = Csilla SaysellMD = Mick DuncanRR = Rachel Roche
AP = Andrew PicardGW = George WielandMH = Myk Habets
SMK = Sandy Kerr
BH = Brian HarrisHAB = Heather Ameye-BeversMP = Mark PowellSK = Sam Kilpatrick
BT = Brook TurnerJT = John TuckerPH = Phil HalsteadSH = Sarah Harris
CJ = Carlton JohnstoneMG = Malcolm Gordon