Community Life

Community is important to us at Carey. We work hard to develop an environment where students and staff are able to relate well and that ‘spaces’ are created in the weeks of each semester for interaction and development of relationships. Although Carey is an academic college, community is what binds us together. (We recognise that this is easier for on-site students, who are able to take part in the full range of on-site activities – however, we encourage distance students to visit and participate when they can.)

All on-site classes include a break for tea / coffee and discussion in the dining room. The dining room is also good ‘hang-out’ space in between classes and at lunch times, with a table tennis room and a small student lounge adjacent.

Tuesday mornings during semester time are all about community life, when we have Formation and Training groups operating during the first part of the morning. This is where we create space to step back from study and, in smaller groups, explore more of God’s interaction with us.

Tuesdays (after Formation and Training Groups) is our weekly Chapel, when we come together and worship as a whole college.

For students who have children under five, we also provide a Tuesday morning crèche.

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays we share lunch together (provided free by Carey). Students’ families often join us for these. (Following Tuesday lunch there is always an interview with a pastor or mission or marketplace leader or some other significant person, telling their personal stories in leadership and missi0n with transparency.

Lunch time is also a good time for the volleyball or basketball to come out for some team activity on the courts.