Charles Hewlett


09 525 4017

At the November 2009 Baptist National Assembly, Charles was appointed the Principal of the college. Prior to this he spent 5 years as our Director of Ministry Training in which he was responsible for the training of Pastoral Leadership students. Before coming to Carey he spent 8 years pastoring in West Auckland. Charles studied at the Bible College of New Zealand and received his MEd at Auckland University focusing on postmodern philosophy and adult education within the church.

Charles has a personal interest in promoting the value of people with intellectual disability and has co-written a book with his wife about their own experiences in Hurting Hope: what parents feels when their children suffer. They are currently working on another writing project in which they explore how people with profound intellectual disability participate in the Mission of God.

Beyond the church environs he has been involved for many years with the Oaklynn Special School as Board chairman and as a parent consultant for the Taikura Trust (which assists Maori, Pasifika and other ethnicities to access disability support services provided by the Ministry of Health).

He is married to Joanne and they have three children: Janelle (who died from cancer in 2005 aged 13 years), James (who lives with profound intellectual disabilities) and Jessica.

A recent interview with Charles can be read here:  Interview with Charles Hewlett