Michael Duncan

Adjunct lecturer

021 364 100

Mick comes out of ‘three worlds’. The first is that of a local church where he serves as a pastor in arguably one of NZ’s more complex neighborhoods. Second, he comes out of the world of an intentional household of discipleship and mercy that takes in all manner of people. And thirdly he comes out of an external world where he is engaged in speaking, lecturing and writing. His books include: Move Out, Costly Mission, Who Stands Fast, Wild Ones and Alongsiders. His research Masters explores ‘A Theological Ethic of Initiative’ from the life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Mick’s PhD is titled, “The Moral Pathway Toward the Stranger in the Life and Thought of John Wesley.” With academic degrees combined with his current ‘street degrees’ and former ones (living in a Manila slum for ten years) Mick brings to his speaking and teaching; discernment, wisdom and tools for the trade of ministry and mission.