What are my options?

Check out the different options at Carey.

If you are wanting to study, Carey offers a range of NZQA approved qualifications and study opportunities at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels from Levels 5 to 10 on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework. Or you may only want to study study for personal interest – in which case options are available.

Alongside formal study, Carey also offers a range of training opportunities and programmes for those sensing a call to train and equip themselves for mission or ministry or for leadership

Undergraduate Programme

Four study options sit within the broad structure of the academic programmes, providing opportunities for study at various levels, multiple study pathways, a number of exit points – a single curriculum containing four qualifications.

Postgraduate Qualifications

Carey provides options for study towards qualifications at all postgraduate levels: Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and PhD.

Leadership Training Programmes

Alongside the academic programmes, Carey offers a number of customised Training Programmes. These programmes have been customised for specific ministry situations.

Intermission “More than a gap year”

Intermission is Carey’s one year full-time programme primarily for recent school-leavers who are keen to study theology, learn more about discipleship, and experience mission in the wider community.

Study for Personal Interest

Individual courses can be studied for personal interest – either for credit or as an “audit” student.