Study for Personal Interest

Prospective students who do not want to complete a full NZQA accredited qualification, but who wish to study one or more individual courses for personal interest, are welcome to do so. Individual courses can be taken for credit (when all of the assessments are completed) or as audit students (with no completed assessments). When studying a course for credit for personal interest, please tick the “Certificate of Christian Studies” box on the Enrolment Form under choice of qualification.

Certificate of Christian Studies

Regular Intakes: February and July
Modes Available: onsite, distance, part-time, full-time, block courses

Carey’s Certificate of Christian Studies is for people pursuing theological study for personal interest, or for those exploring formal study with an eye to further study at a later date. It provides maximum flexibility. It is not a formal qualification, although on completion of four courses (60 credits) a Carey Certificate may be awarded.

The Certificate of Christian Studies qualification is not accredited by NZQA and students are therefore not able to receive student loans and allowances when studying towards the qualification.

Students may select courses of interest to them but all normal entry and pre-requisite requirements must be met.

Any courses completed for credit while enrolled in the Certificate of Christian Studies may subsequently be transferred towards a formal Carey NZQA accredited qualification.