Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy

Carey has a Memorandum of Agreement with AUT University which allows Carey to assist students in the advanced research degrees of Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

The Master of Philosophy involves advanced study and original research in a discipline. It requires the successful completion of a 120 credit thesis within 12 months for a full time student and 36 months for a part-time student. An Honours Degree or equivalent, together with proven research skills are required for entry.

The Doctor of Philosophy is a thesis-based degree that is granted on the basis of an original and substantial contribution to knowledge. It requires the successful completion of a 360 credit thesis and takes at least three years of full time study. A Masters Degree or an Honours Degree plus proven research skills is required for entry.

Both of these degrees are administered by the Doctoral Studies Board of AUT and potential candidates should consult with the Head of Carey Graduate School, or the Dean of Studies, as well as reading the relevant publications of AUT.

See also the AUT website: