Master of Applied Theology

New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF) Level: 9
NZQF Credits: 240
Duration: equivalent to 2 years full-time
Modes Available: onsite, part-time, full-time, block courses

Carey’s Master of Applied Theology provides an advanced theological qualification for practitioners committed to career-long education. The programme aims to support professional development for pastors and other Christian ministry practitioners who have high levels of curriculum knowledge, research skills, and leadership capacity. In addition the programme aims to equip students interested in advancing academic scholarship, and research in the field of applied theology. It is thus intended as a pathway for those interested into doctoral studies, particularly through one of the established pathways Carey has with Auckland University of Technology, Otago University, or other tertiary institutions.

The programme of study for each candidate will be designed as far as possible to meet the individual’s needs and interests. Each programme will total 240 credits, and must include:


The programme produces graduates who (in addition to the attributes of Postgraduate Diploma Graduates) demonstrate the following attributes:

  • Practise interdisciplinary research skills.
  • Display advanced, independent, critical research and writing skills that insightfully interact with existing scholarship in a chosen area of study.
  • Practise self-discipline, and demonstrate the ability to plan and achieve goals.

Admission to the Master of Applied Theology is restricted to applicants who have completed a recognised undergraduate degree in theology, or who have a professional or other qualification which can be recognised as equivalent.