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Art of Forgiveness Conference

Art of Forgiveness Conference

What does it mean to really forgive? How do we forgive?

You are invited to our conference, and can register now by clicking here.

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Lindy’s Story

Welcome to carey

Carey is a community of faithful scholars who passionately believe theology is the starting point to making a difference. We invite you to join a community centred on the Word, because there is simply nowhere else to begin. We welcome you into a community of theological engagement, because there is no other way to understand. We ask you to share in a community compelled to participate in God’s redemptive work in the world, because there is simply no other way to be.

Theology is about God. Theology is life-transforming. Theology prepares you to make a difference.

Virtual Tour

Take a look around

Choosing to prepare at Carey is a choice to surround yourself with excellence.  Academic, theologian, author, thought leader, and communicator, are not just titles at Carey, they are cutting edge practitioners who want nothing more than to help you unlock the passion God has placed within you, and to provide you with a strong Biblical foundation for serving him.

“One of the unique aspects of the Carey community is our commitment to the holistic development of each student.  Our training model not only includes knowing and doing, but also being and feeling. We work hard at helping students integrate their academic study with their faith and the real experiences of life.  That’s where the real preparation for ministry happens – at the intersection of study and life!” John Tucker, Director of Ministry Training.

Sam’s Story

Find your place in ministry

“Imagine God using you to restore hope to a broken community, to bring laughter into lives that are broken, to help a divided family reunite.  Imagine being prepared to produce research that ignites change, to stir tertiary students into thinking biblically.  To speak a sermon that inspires and convicts.  Imagine being equipped to help build infrastructure that will transform village life, to re-focus a local church on God’s priorities for them, to foster communities rich with ethnic diversity.  There is nothing better than this.

Wherever you are called to serve God our purpose is to provide you with the theological framework and practical training needed to turn your imaginings into reality.” Charles Hewlett, Principal.